After a long Bank Holiday Monday, shopping in Chesterfield and attempting to print off some of our many photos (which went badly wrong!) Leah decided to treat us to a late lunch in Chiquito.
Leah had mentioned on a couple of occasions that it would be nice to visit, but as I had heard negative feedback from friends, I wasn’t in much of a rush. Their feedback was mainly on the poor and slow service they received as the venue was new to Chesterfield and just getting on their feet.
I have to say, I am pleased that we decided to visit and make up our own minds. Our waiter, Jack, couldn’t have been more polite, attentive and professional…prompt without feeling rushed. Jack noticed when my drink (refillable Pepsi) was looking in need of topping up, and although another waitress brought over our main meal, she didn’t slip up on the cutlery trick I played. A little bit mean of me maybe, but I made sure my cutlery went back to the kitchen with my starter…the waitress who brought the food over promptly produced a clean set of cutlery and placed them down next to my plate.
The restaurant was comfortable and clean, the music just the right volume and the atmosphere was very relaxed – just what we wanted!
We ordered from the lunch time menu which serves up until 5pm. For starters, I chose the nachos with guacamole and Leah chose the Wuesadila with sweet potato and feta. Leah felt her starter was bland and tasteless which was a shame. My nachos were lovely apart from the soggy layer of mush as the bottom of my dish … microwaved perhaps?
chiquito-chesterfield-4 chiquito-chesterfield-5 chiquito-chesterfield-6
Our main meals were the southern fried chicken burger on a brioche bun with coleslaw and skin on fries and also the BBQ pulled pork burrito. Both main meals were lovely but the burrito did contain soggy lettuce, something we couldn’t quite understand as we all know that lettuce doesn’t cook well! The portions were just right and the food was well cooked.
chiquito-chesterfield-7 chiquito-chesterfield-8
We decided after much deliberation to skip the dessert menu as we were full from 2 drinks, a starter and a main. We did notice the couple sat next to us with their cinnamon sugared churros and they looked delicious!
I’m pleased that we decided to eat at Chiquitos today…I’d be more than happy to eat here again in the future, and at £28 the food was reasonably priced. With just a couple of tweaks to the way the food is cooked, chiquitos could be a lovely addition to chesterfield’s restaurants.
chiquito-chesterfield-9This was great for lunchtime but would also be fantastic if you were there with a group of friends.

It’s weekly vlog time and this week we have been really busy. Our 5 year old niece decided to have her turn trying out for X Factor… as cute as she is I don’t think she really is ready.

We also went to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire over the Bank Holiday and it was so busy but oh so lovely. Highly recommend if you love country parks.

Anyway, enjoy the vlog!


Einsteins Logo

Who’d have thought a German themed bar and restaurant would be one of the most popular places to go in our little town? We went for the first time for food so decided to give Einsteins a little review.

Einsteins, which opened July 2015, has been a big hit since they launched and on Monday we went for our friends birthday for a meal.


The meal was booked for 6pm and we arrived early and found that the main room was already heaving. The layout of Einsteins is a big room with a fancy German beer bar to the right. There is a nice cosy beer garden out the back to the right and there is a small dining room at the back to the left.

We were in the back dining room, quite a small room and as there were 20 of us dining it actually felt like a more private dining area.

On that particular day it was quite warm so the room was sweltering, however the staff had opened the back door to let in some air and had a fan on. It was actually quite pleasant once we’d all sat down and the air had moved round a little.

As we were a big party we had pre-ordered however it did take about 45 minutes for the food to arrive. The good thing is that it did arrive quite quickly after that. With the party being big the first served were having to wait for theirs but that was because of our volume and not their capabilities. We only had two waiting staff though which, had they been able to add someone else in to help, may have gotten the food with us slightly quicker.

None the less it arrived and Claire had ordered the Bratdog and I had ordered the Sauerbraten.





Although Claire isn’t the most adventurous with food she did try the dish and decide it wasn’t for her. It’s not to say that it wasn’t cooked an presented lovely as in most cases, the people who had ordered the same enjoyed it, it just wasn’t to her taste.

Me on the other hand, I ate EVERY LAST SCRAP! It was so good. The meat was tender, the potatoes were crushed appropriately, the red cabbage braised to perfection and the gravy was really flavoursome.

With me being as greedy as I am the portion size, for me, was amazing. It was probably a little too much for most people but I didn’t mind and had been saving myself all day for this meal so was able to eat the whole thing.

I had never had this dish before and it really did impress me. It was so comforting and it reminded me of braised beef casseroles my mum used to make so there was definitely a nostalgia to the dish too.

The menu is quite extensive and has something for everyone but I wanted to chose something outside of my comfort zone. Needless to say there were a variety of dishes that came out including Schnitzel, Steak, Burgers and Pizzas and they all looked rather tasty and generously portioned.

Einsteins-Menu-1 Einsteins-Menu-2

We also were really lucky that we had a voucher from the local newpaper which gave us 50% off the meal meaning our whole bill (for two people) came to £9.25! You can’t get a McDonalds for that amount these days.

So what was our final thoughts?

Einsteins-Total-ScoreIf you’re in Chesterfield I would definitely recommend you giving this place a try. I would also recommend trying to book if possible as it’s busy every single night.

They don’t have a website but they do have a facebook page which you can visit here.

If you’re like me – a walking contradiction who likes to procrastinate when there are jobs to be done, but also likes efficiency and that satisfaction of a list, then a bullet journal will become your new best friend!


A bullet journal in it’s basic form is a notebook (usually far too nicely decorated hence the procrastination) filled with lists and ‘to-do’s’ along with any other form of forward planning. Admittedly if I have completed a job that wasn’t in my bullet journal or any list, I do tend to add it on retrospectively just so I look busy yet successful!

If you look online, you will see an array of beautiful journals where the pages are filled with washi-tape and drawings. This is how we generally all start until we find our own style. Secondly you will find and array of ‘styles’ of journal from dots, squares and lines to plain or coloured paper. The choice is completely personal as you need to get the most out of your bullet journal (or bujo for short which never sits easy with me for some reason).

After attempting to copy some of the more artistic journal-ers I found my own flow – I currently use a Leuchtturm 1917 in black and the pages are dotty – this helps me to structure any tables I may draw without being as invasive as squares. A ruler, pen and coloured pencil crayons are all I find that I need and I use the same format each week. Occasionally I add in a separate tracker such as my catalogue balance or the layout of our wedding day.

Each week the left hand page is used to break down into the 7 days. Each day will be filled with tasks and once complete I pop a little ‘x’ next to it. Here I also include little circles and squares which I colour in once I have eaten a portion of fruit or veg (square) or drank 500ml of water (circle). These are rarely complete, especially the water…but I am getting better!

The right hand side of my journal is filled with trackers….

1)      My wife’s work schedule so I know where she is at all times! Just kidding – this helps with planning our meals or who is letting Rupert out etc.

2)      Our lunch and dinner is tracked here – we can see just how many takeaways we eat – eek!

3)      House/garden tasks – I plan cleaning and gardening here. Yes, plan, not necessarily do!

4)      Tracker tasks which I colour in once complete such as walking Rupert, not drinking cola that day, visiting family etc.

5)      This box is left blank until the end of the week where I’ll write a thought for the week, or draw a picture to show activities which I enjoyed that week etc.

Go to 4:07 for Bullet Journal section

And that is as simple as my weekly bullet journal is.

Again, I do add variants throughout depending what is important to me at the time, such as places I’ve visited throughout the year, wedding plans, YouTube video ideas – the choice is completely personal.

So … if you are a fellow bullet journal fanatic or think you may like to have a go, please leave a comment below … if I’m alone in this quest (as it does seem more popular in America than the UK according to the Facebook groups…yes, there are Facebook groups for the avid fan of bullet journals!) then I expect I’ll just go and write another list about how to inspire the art of the Bujo! (ergh there’s that word again!)

Welcome back to In Bed with the Lander-Shafiks, our weekly vlog where we show you snippets of our non-exciting life.

This week we talk a lot about food, Claire tidies the spare room and creates a heap of washing and we go and see the BFG.

Don’t forget to let us know what you would like us to call the ‘Reality vs Expectations’ bit? 🙂