Achievable tasks

Over the years, since I was a teenager I have put together a list of achievable tasks instead of New Years resolutions. The reason for this is that instead of one big thing that 99% of the time we fail at it was good to put a list of achievable tasks that you could cross off as and when. If I achieve over 50% I feel like I have had a good year.

This year I managed to rope in Claire to put hers together and we thought we would share them.

Here are mine:

1. Try cooking a new recipe
2. Read 1 book every 2 months
3. Get 2017 more subscribers on my main channel and reach 1k Subscribers on the Lander-Shafik’s Channel
4. Have one day a month off gadgets/TV
5. Learn to count to 10, say please and thank you, yes and no in another language
6. Ring my mother more
7. Write more letters to friends
8. Comment on more bloggers/vloggers posts/videos
9. Do more lives on my own Facebook page
10. Take Rupert to 6 different places for good walks
11. Discover a new band/artist
12. Create a better instagram theme
13. Make something crafty I’ve learnt from youtube
14. Create a new collab idea for my channel
15. Do something out of my comfort zone at least once
16. Make a new friend in my area
17. If there is an opportunity to make a random act of kindness take it

And Claires are:

1. Be positive in all I do
2. Make better food choices
3. Quality time with Leah
4. Walk Rupert Daily
5. Compliment others and myself daily
6. Quality time with family
7. Go to Bingo and Steelers LOTS
8. Sort out utility room
9. Try something new every month
10. Pay off all catalogues
11. Define my transferable skills
12. Cook more and offer Leah more brews
13. Read 4 new books
14. Take lunch to work every day
15. Cut grass and hedge every 2-3 weeks
16. Take the kids somewhere new
17. Vlog Daily!

We have some really different goals but they are all achievable in the year.

What would be your 17 in 17?