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Recently I was contacted by World of Snacks, a new subscription box service, to review their first box. This is a monthly subscription that brings you snacks from a different country each time.

This month was Japan!

The box itself was packed full and for £13.99 including postage it’s a real bargain. The subscription is not a contract so it can be cancelled at any time too.

This is what was inside the pack.

world snacks 2

We decided the best way to show you the box was to make a video which explained what each thing was and we tasted it!



The items were well packaged and arrived safely. The box itself was a plain white box, no frills but really do we need them when the frills are inside?!?


The information included was clear and especially with most being in Japanese it was explained well. If you had any allergies you would know the ingredients as everything was made clear.


As you saw from the video there were many we did enjoy (different ones too) and ones we really didn’t but that is the point. you get to try things and maybe you will find the hidden gems.

We really enjoyed the Panda wafer and would get that again in a heartbeat.

Overall thoughts

I think this is such a great way to try new things that you wouldn’t try and as it’s monthly you could either have a night with friends where you try them together or you could make them last over the month. I love that each month the country is a surprise and the price isn’t bad either for what you get.

Have you tried a subscription box like this? Would you enjoy any of these?


It’s Blogmas! Well it’s our interpretation of Blogmas anyway.

I know many people like this time of year but we absolutely love it because just between Christmas and New year, 3 years ago, we started speaking online so it is a special time of year for us as it is the start of our journey together.

With tomorrow being the first day of December and the day we normally put a blog post up we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you all our favourite things at Christmas time leading up to the big day. Our traditions, anything we get to try and review and also the food (THE FOOD!!!!)

We will continue to put a blog post out every week on a Tuesday and Thursday but we are also doing Vlogmas so you may see some more posts up in the meantime.

For us we really enjoy this time of year as it just gives us a real opportunity to look back over the past 12 months and really recognise what we have accomplished.

Firstly – we got married this year! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!

We started our Vlog at the same time as getting married and the blog 4 months ago.

We have been doing lots of home improvements and we have been really trying to get the best out of our lovely little home.

Rupert’s ear infection issues finally got sorted and we are looking forward to a new addition to our family at the end of the year too when we get a new niece.

This definitely means more than gifts to us, we don’t really buy much for each other at Christmas as it’s definitely about the food, family, festive films and fun around this time.

Do you enjoy this time of year? Do you like to reflect on the past year?  Are you excited for the festive period?





We have been trying to be healthy and cook more dinners and one of our absolute favourite meals this month is the Maggi So Juicy Garlic Chicken.  We must have had this meal once a week at least and we have had more than this flavour although this is our favourite.

What’s lovely about this is it’s absolutely purse friendly as they cost roughly £1 for the pack which contains the bag and the mix which is a powder of spices and herbs.


What you’re meant to do is add four breasts of chicken to the bag however to make it a meal for two we use two breasts and then put veggies in. It’s like a casserole in a bag. This particular time we put in butternut squash and peppers but have used mushrooms, onions, courgettes etc to pad it out.


20161102_192049The gist of it is you add all the ingredients to the bag, add the mix and tie the top with the little tie they give you. I’ve always been concerned with the tie not being tight enough but it is. You then have to roll it around so the mixture coats everything including all the veg.


You then put it all in the oven for around 40-50 minutes so it steams in it’s own juices. The bag expands to let all the steam move round. I leave the bag and don’t move it or open it the whole time it is in the oven.

Once 50 minutes is over you carefully open the bag and distribute on the plates. A lovely aroma will fill the air and the meat and the veggies are so nicely softened and the meat is lovely.


It has such a lovely taste and mixed with the butternut squash and pepper juices it makes it super sweet. On these cold Autumn evenings this is such a lovely warming meal and oh so healthy and if you’re like us and cooking for two it works well.

Have you tried these? What has your go to meal of the month?

After a long day of shopping, or what is better described as being swept in the crowd around ikea, my wife and I decided we deserved a delicious early dinner.
The six halts, a local Generous George bar and restaurant is somewhere we’ve been meaning to try since it opened it’s doors recently and just a couple of miles from our home.
Both inside and out, the restaurant looks fantastic. A lovely play area outside for the children  (although I believe secretly for the adults too!) and plenty of places to park.
We walked in and we were greeted immediately and taken to a 4 seat table. The table was in the middle of a lot of other diners, and as we wanted a quieter area we asked if we could move across to a nearby table…which was no trouble at all. Again we were on a 4 seat table so we had plenty of room.
We placed and paid for our food order at the bar, providing our table number and the starter took sound 15 minutes to arrive. For a busy restaurant we thought this was a reasonable amount of time to wait. Our mains came out about 10-15 minutes after we had finished our starter. paying upfront at the bar meant that once we had finished our meal we could just get up and go – not waiting for the staff to bring the bill. For a casual meal on a relaxed Sunday afternoon this was perfect for us.
The food was well cooked and the portions were, well, generous!
I chose the breaded mushrooms with garlic mayo for starter and my wife chose jalapeño poppers.
For our main we both chose hunters chicken with corn on the cob and homemade slaw. I had skin on fries and my wife had sweet potato fries.
20161009_161240 20161009_161251
Whilst we both had water to drink, they do soft drinks for less than £2 with the option of unlimited refills for an extra 79p.
20161009_163649 20161009_163656
The waitress had handed us 2 plastic tokens after we placed our order. Every item on the menu ended in 99p and the venue add the extra penny to round the meal up to the nearest pound and donate to a local charity after 3 months of collecting the tokens. By the door are 3 boxes, each belonging to a different charity and you place the tokens in the charity box of your choice. We love this idea!
At one end of the restaurant is a pool table and the other end, an ice cream parlour area.
20161009_165657 20161009_165702
We will definitely eat here again and have no problem in recommending this restaurant. Lovely building, interesting furniture and decoration and tasty food. The staff were attentive and friendly and paid us the perfect amount of attention.
Top marks.


This year Claire and I decided that we wanted to try other places close by to us to eat as we seem to get stuck in a restaurant rut. As we were looking about the internet the Craft Burger Company in Chesterfield town centre popped up and we decided we wanted to try and review it.

We have been to other burger restaurants, Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham was a great place to visit and so we were looking forward to trying another place similar.


There is probably 16 tables altogether and it’s decorated in that modern rustic style (wood and metal). The bar looks great and it seems they are open later as they serve alcohol.

Thankfully they have free wifi, which everyone loves when they go to eat (because no one wants to talk to their partner anymore of course).


They also have cute little cacti on each table and house sauces in a metal holder which are full size rather than sachets.


The menu is already on the table and there is a lot of burger options, although it’s a shame they have 4 veggie options but don’t make the normal burgers available with a veggie burger too (I think that would go down a treat if they thought about doing that). The menu leads you to make a burger choice and choice of bun, a side order, an extra topping and a drink. This is slightly cheeky as the sides are an extra and actually having ordered a side they are HUGE so would be too much for one person to eat on their own so be mindful if you do end up eating there.


However, having said that, the sides ARE huge, which I think I like, I like to think if I am spending extra you get SO MUCH MORE than is necessary.

I would definitely recommend the skinny fries and share with a buddy. The only problem being if you were to eat on your own it would be too much. In fact you could share the fries with 3-4 people if it were a lunch time as the portion is rather big as is the burger and salad that comes with it.


So what did we chose?

Claire is scared of red meat being ‘bloody’ so she chose a chicken burger. She was going to choose the hunters chicken but decided to go with the Classic Chicken. It looked great when it came out and there was so much chicken which is grilled so it’s also not too unhealthy either.


I love a good home made beefburger and I also love sweet and savoury so I went for the Fools Gold burger, yes, it has maple bacon, peanut butter and chilli jam in. On paper this to me is heaven but unfortunately the bacon was slightly overdone and I’m having a little tooth trouble so couldn’t enjoy that. The chilli jam was also not enough but I would have really enjoyed it if that were increased. I had something similar at Annies Burger Shack so I was hoping it would be like that. However, the STAR of the show was the burger. It was rare but not juicy or fatty. It had flavour and it was gorgeous! I was gutted it didn’t go on forever. I felt there was too much bun for the burger (I NEVER think this, I love bread) but mainly as I just wanted more burger.


The onion rings were lovely and crispy but as there were so many they got cold and greasy by the time we got round to trying to finish them but that’s ok, sharing with four people would have eliminated this issue.

As for the price, I think it was quite reasonable, for two drinks, two burgers and two sides it came to under £30. That does seem a little extreme for a couple of burgers but you are not left hungry at all.


Our final thoughts are: