For the past 7 years or so, since buying our house, we have had the same Christmas tree each year. Nothing wrong with that right? They are built to last, so that’s what you would expect. We did change the decorations on the tree from plum and silver (our living room was plum colours back then) as we really wanted a more traditional tree, so now it is adorned with reds, golds, tartans, beads and other little bits and pieces that we find fit in with our tree.

This year, browsing through the catalogues, I did see a tree which caught my eye. It looked full and fat if that makes any sense – I compared it to a photo I had of last years tree in our living room which suddenly looked sparse and lifeless. I think I purchased it for £20 odd pound when we moved in from Argos, and it had really ran its course. Let’s live a little I said to my lovely wife – this new tree looked special, a good enough tree for our first year as wives and a tree we chose together. Best of all (as you know we never like to pay full price for ANYTHING if we can help it) it was on offer!

We purchased the tree from Very for £100 I believe instead of £119.99. The last time I checked it was reduced even further to £89.99. The code, if you would like to view this yourself is 4DYGR ‘6ft Majestic Pine Christmas tree’.

The tree arrived within a day or 2 – Very are really good at speedy deliveries. We ordered this back in October and so when it arrived, we peeked in the box, sealed it back up and put it under the stairs until December. Meantime we recycled our old tree, forgetting our personalised red and grey tartan stockings (Leah’s, Rupert’s and mine) were in the box and now lost forever. Very sad about this.

This December, we pulled all of the Christmas items out from under the stairs (we never use the loft as we are too scared to go up there – images of Santa and his legs dangling down the hatch spring to mind – what if we got stuck??), popped the Christmas tunes on and set to work decorating the tree. Leah did the lights as my Christmas OCD becomes too much to cope with and I would spend ALL day doing them so she takes over here and then we carefully (OCD again) put the decorations on the tree. I did have to shout at Leah to stop what she was doing … who tries to put the star on the top of the tree BEFORE the tree is fully decorated? Everyone knows it goes on LAST!

As we were putting the tree together and marvelling at how big and full it was and what an amazing choice we made, we noticed that the branches were all different too! Our last tree had branches that were all the same. This one looks far more realistic and I think the fuller effect is down to this.

If you are looking at purchasing a new tree, we would really recommend that you check this one out. We love it and I’m pretty sure we have said every single day what a lovely tree we have and how proud we are. I can see this tree being in our family for many years to come. The quality is brilliant and we honestly are so chuffed with it.

We finished the look off by purchasing  a set of 3 rattan gift boxes with red decorative bows (Very code 6DFTA now £26.99, was £39.99) which we love as they also have LED lights and look very pretty under the tree.

Do you have any Christmas traditions when it comes to decorating your tree? Are you tinsel or beads? Angel or star?

* Prices correct as of 13.12.16


It’s Blogmas! Well it’s our interpretation of Blogmas anyway.

I know many people like this time of year but we absolutely love it because just between Christmas and New year, 3 years ago, we started speaking online so it is a special time of year for us as it is the start of our journey together.

With tomorrow being the first day of December and the day we normally put a blog post up we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you all our favourite things at Christmas time leading up to the big day. Our traditions, anything we get to try and review and also the food (THE FOOD!!!!)

We will continue to put a blog post out every week on a Tuesday and Thursday but we are also doing Vlogmas so you may see some more posts up in the meantime.

For us we really enjoy this time of year as it just gives us a real opportunity to look back over the past 12 months and really recognise what we have accomplished.

Firstly – we got married this year! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!

We started our Vlog at the same time as getting married and the blog 4 months ago.

We have been doing lots of home improvements and we have been really trying to get the best out of our lovely little home.

Rupert’s ear infection issues finally got sorted and we are looking forward to a new addition to our family at the end of the year too when we get a new niece.

This definitely means more than gifts to us, we don’t really buy much for each other at Christmas as it’s definitely about the food, family, festive films and fun around this time.

Do you enjoy this time of year? Do you like to reflect on the past year?  Are you excited for the festive period?





It’s the first Christmas since we got married so we wanted to put together a gift guide for the whole family.

Mother / Mother-in-Law

We love the idea of the Breadmakers from Panasonic. Everyone get’s that surge to bake after the bake off finishes but I know in our family the gadget that would make it easier would be this.

These Breadmakers range from £119 and the one we think would be great is the Automatic Bread Maker SD-ZB2512 (pictured below) which is fully automated and has a raisin and nut dispenser (which is ideal for a Christmas loaf!)

Christmas Gift Guide Family 1

Father / Father-in-Law

The Amazon Echo is definitely going to be the gift of the year this year for our Dads. This gadget is a speaker with knobs on. It’s the starter pack for Artificial Intelligence in your home (think Back to the Future part II) and costs £149.99.

Christmas Gift Guide Family 2

Sister / Sister-in-Law

For something really special, the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir from John Lewis is simply gorgeous and fills the room with a beautiful rich scent. You can get candles from £42 and this scent is one of their most popular.

Christmas Gift Guide Family 3

Brother / Brother-in-Law

They are bound to have got some sort of gadget that is noisy so headphones will help keep calm in the household during the festive period. We both love the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On Ear Headphones as they are not only stylish but also look very comfortable. These are currently at a discounted price on Amazon for £149.95.

Christmas Gift Guide Family 4

Nieces and Nephews

The game of the year has to be Speak Out…expect many YouTube videos or Facebook Lives showing all families playing this game during the festive period. You can find it for around £20.

Christmas Gift Guide Family 5

Have you started your Christmas shop yet? What do you think will be the main gifts in your family this year?

*this post has been sponsored

You may have noticed in our weekly vlog that we are decorating our house like mad, including our Dressing Room / Spare Room. At the moment we have bare walls and little furniture but wanted to share our Inspo for the room.

Colour Scheme


We love neutral, earthy tones in the house, it is a theme that runs throughout the house. It’s not a big house so we need to keep it light but still keep it cosy.

We based our colour scheme on an item we found in Dunelm recently with the print Beautiful Birds on it. We decided to only to go for the bed covers and the lampshade but wanted to keep it consistent throughout the room as a colour scheme.


We do have brown pine furniture at the moment and although it all matches and is pretty sturdy we would prefer to make it white in the future…it may just be a DIY job as we find flatpack furniture (especially drawers) are quite flimsy.

Dressing Table Area

We have to share a dressing table so we have 4 drawers, 2 drawers each, and half of the table top. At the moment we have a cheap mirror but we want to put a better mirror up and also include shelves with lighting on them, especially for filming.

It’s not the most beautiful of dressing tables but it is functional so we want to make it look better with the accessories and H&M have some lovely things at the moment which would work in any bedroom (or other room).



We are loving our new feature wall in our hallway but want to do something different in the bedroom to bring colour and our personality to the room.

We currently have two guitars which we might attach to the wall but also we want to have prints and pictures.

Etsy always have some gorgeous ones and we love these styles:


from FrouFrouCraft on Etsy



from MTandBB on Etsy


We still have lots to do in the spare room but I think we might do a proper room tour when it’s finished.

Have you got got a dressing room? Spare Room? Looking for Inspo? Have you been decorating? What are your favourite things? Can you recommend other things for our room?