Top 5 | Ways to keep tidy (from a self-confessed slob)


When I met my wife I didn’t mention how messy I was. I felt it was not something I needed to disclose. Moving in with her I tried to keep it hidden but more or less straight away she worked it out. I am a Self-Confessed slob and I wanted to share 5 tips that I try to do to keep tidy.

Make the bed

It’s a simple task but as soon as you’re up quickly fix the bed up. It’s a small thing you can do to set yourself up for the day and to make your bedroom tidy quickly.


Put clothes away

To people who are naturally tidy this sounds like an obvious no brainer but for those of us who despise the laundry process (it’s just not instant gratification) putting the clothes in the wardrobe, in the drawers and making sure they are put away nicely will instantly make rooms tidier. Leaving them on the bed for weeks is not an option.


Put rubbish in the bin

Taking makeup off, nail polish, using a cotton bud to clean mascara off your eyelid, these little things as you rush out the door that you might leave on your dressing table DON’T, just put it straight in the bin. Haven’t finished your meal? Don’t leave it on the side, scrape the plate and put where it needs to go.


Use something and put it away

Used the milk, put it away. Taken out a pen, put it away. Used some makeup, put it away. You get the picture. If you use something just put it away. It will help keep things tidy easy.


Don’t leave dishes ‘on the side’

You’ve just finished dinner and you’ve taken the plates in to the kitchen. You’ve scraped them but you leave them near the dishwasher or near the sink. This is one of the final things you can stop doing to make your house a little tidier. Just put it in th dishwasher if you have one or wash it straight away. It’s not time consuming so just do it.


I know these seem like simple things and I am not guilty of this all the time but having a wife that is naturally tidy makes an untidy person like me really notice their natural slobiness.

Are you naturally tidy or are you a self-confessed slob like me?

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