Weight Watchers | My diet journey begins

DietLike me, are you at that point where you know you need to diet and get fitter but you just really don’t want to have to face it?

I’m at that point where clothes are getting un-comfy, I’m getting far too breathless far too easily and I’m just tired of feeling tired. So, reluctantly, I have decided to make a change. I say reluctantly because in reality I love eating more calories than my body can cope with per day and I love vegging in front of the TV with a family size bar of chocolate. I can’t promise there won’t be days where that still happens, but for the most part of the week, I am going to make better choices.

The first thing I needed to do was to decide on which ‘lifestyle plan’ aka diet, to embark on. I can’t go by the ‘eat less and move more’ logic. I need hard core rules (just so I can bend them occasionally but mostly so I know what is expected of me).

I have tried most diets in the past. Slimming world required me to be too organised. The 5:2 diet left me grouchy on the ‘2’ part of the 5:2, and the cabbage soup diet left me … well… you know!

Diet 2

So, I decided that I like the sound of weight watchers. This diet is based on a point system. Points are basically calories, so the more calorific the food, the more points it costs you. Each person is given their own number of daily points allowance based on personal details such as your height and weight. Everyone is also given a buffer of weekly points (weeklies) for that odd glass of wine, a takeaway or to divide daily if you prefer to get more daily points.

I love the concept of the weekly points. I know I will cheat on the diet…but weight watchers (WW) also know that I will cheat …so giving these extra points means they are one step ahead of me. If I cheat then that buffer is there. Takes the fun out of cheating and in turn I get fitter and see more weight loss. Win win.

I signed up, with my wife, to the online WW app. There was an offer for around £30 for a 3 month sign up. Bargain. I can’t join a class – although this works for so many people, it’s just something else I can cheat at and not go.

The idea is that you pop in your details – height, weight, gender etc. and the app works out your point allowance. Each week you weigh yourself and submit that data on to the app. The app then reduces your points according to how much weight you lose. It’s a slow reduction – you don’t suddenly lose a load pf points and get left feeling hungry. I am an emotional eater and have a slight ‘arghhh’ at the thought of feeling hungry so this is a good thing!

diet 3

The app has a search option and a barcode scanner along with a calculator so that you can work out the point value of any food. You then press ‘track’ and it deducts the points of your daily/weekly allowance. My wife and I like the challenge of getting the most food for our points and so I will share low point snack and meal ideas with you in future blogs.

The app also has the opportunity to connect with other WW users and you can share ideas and motivate each other. There are also lots of menu ideas (including puddings for my sweet tooth).

In all honesty though, I’m not able to organise myself on diets – I like to grab and go, pick up a meal deal, have a McDonald’s and the odd (regular) donut. Weight Watchers allows me to do that – there are so few restrictions that it actually hasn’t felt too much like a diet so far.

diet 4

There will be struggles along the way – like I say, I’m an emotional eater (sad, happy, tired, celebratory, angry etc.) and I’m not enthralled with the idea of not eating 11 crème eggs in a weekend (don’t judge me 😊 ) but I know that I need to do this. We go to Devon each year with the family – it’s beautiful but hilly. I don’t want to slow everyone down again this year. I will keep up.

So, if you like an honest and frank diary of a dieter, with tips, struggles, celebrations and all the good and bad, then stick with me. Let’s do this….

…. After a brew and a slice of cake, or on Monday, obviously!

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